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AMI Snow Blades are used by professional snow removal contractors and public agencies that demand dependable, high quality equipment to get the job done right. Read below for coverage in the media of our snow blades and the people who use them all season.

Equipment Journal Snow Removal Shockwave sectional blade

New Fully Steel Sectional Snow Pusher Made for Stacking Strength & Clearing Performance

Publication: Equipment Journal
Issue: September 8, 2014 - Focus: Snow Removal
Product: AMI Sectional Snow Blade

AMI Snow Blades proudly introduces the Shockwave Snow Pusher for whhel loaders. The Shockwave is an all-steel design that offers the strength of a rigid blade with the clearing and safety performance of a sectional.

"Snow removal contractors are constantly looking for better, more efficient ways of clearing snow to keep competitive and the new Shockwave gives them a powerful new tool to accomplish their goal," said Steve Frey, President of AMI Attachments. "Traditional sectional pushers have rubber mounts that are prone to cracking and wearing out, especially in extreme cold conditions.

"To resolve this problem for contractors, our new pusher has a mechanical system called, HotSpring technology. HotSpring is a dual-action design using heavy-duty springs that increase the pusher's scraping power and absorbs any impact from unseen obstacles."

The metal springs keep consistent downward pressure on the cutting edge for better scraping. Shockwave operators also use less salt and save time by clearing to the blacktop in a single pass.

In order to move large volumes of snow, Shockwave is uniquely designed with a curve at the top of the blade, which effectively rolls the snow forward to keep the operator moving ahead.

The AMI Shockwave features floating edge endplates along with reversible, replaceable spring-trip cutting edges made from high strength AR400 steel.

Shockwave absorbs the shock of obstructions to keep operators safe and reduce potential damage to properties. Obstacles will no longer be barriers requiring secondary equipment and additional time on site.

Equipment Journal Snow Removal Cover

AMI Reactor 4-in-1 Blade Is Unbeatable for Snow Removal Contractor

Publication: Equipment Journal
Issue: September 30, 2013 - Focus: Snow Removal
Product: AMI Reactor 4-in-1 Snow Blade

Versatile and dependable are two words that define Mike Jones, the hard-working owner of Stonewater Farms - a diverse four season operation based just west of Hamilton. Ontario. They are also words Mike uses to describe his preferred piece of snow removal equipment, the AMI Reactor 4-In-1 Snow Blade.

When the snow starts to fall, Mike goes into high gear running the snow removal side of the business. Using more than twenty pieces of equipment, including wheel loaders, tractors and skid steers, Stonewater fulfills numerous contracts across the City of Hamilton and Halton Region including several large jobs for government agencies. To meet the needs of his most demanding customers, Mike relies on the versatile AMI Reactor 4-in-1 Snow Blade.

The big 4-in-1 Blade is a system of four blade positions that an operator can create on-the-fly using hydraulically controlled endplates. The three-foot (91.4-centimetre) end plates are equipped with rotary actuators, which provide a 180-degree pivot range. Using in-cab controls the Reactor adapts to become a box blade, straight blade, angle blade or a reverse box blade, which increases the blade's versatility.

So why does Mike favour the AMI Reactor 4-in-1? "Snow removal is a very competitive business. We have to keep becoming more efficient or we'll get outbid. And then we'll be out of business. The Reactor replaces what was previously a two-blade setup for us with a rear-mounted box blade and a straight blade in front."

This AMI Attachments blade is available in closed widths from 8 feet to 16 feet (2.44 metres to 4.88 metres), which open up to 14 feet to 22 feet (4.27 metres to 6.71 metres), respectively. Built for wheel loaders and loader backhoes, the Reactor gives a single operator the necessary tools to clear large areas of snow fast. Mike says, "the Reactor can clear 14 acres of three-inch snow in about three hours. That's for the whole job, cleared, and stacked. And these aren't wide open spaces we're working in."

For additional piece of mind, Stonewater chose the Reactor's optional tire protection system. By automatically rotating the end plates away from the front tires, this system reduces the possibility of damaged equipment so Mike's crews can keep their focus on getting the job done.

The time requirements to complete jobs are constantly shrinking for snow removal operators, so dependability is always a big concern. Mike says the AMI Reactor is "unbeatable" when it comes to reliability. "We've had nothing but success with it. The hydraulic actuators are solid. The whole thing is 'middle of the night' strong so I can always depend on the Reactor. I will definitely be getting more of these AMI blades in the future."

As Stonewater continues to grow its successful snow removal business, Mike feels the pressure to run like a large operation with the attention to quality of a small business. So, while this versatile owner is preparing his equipment for another busy winter season, he doesn't forget the little things that matter. "I tell my crew, we need to go out there and do the best job possible. Make it look great. We want to have happy customers and keep everyone safe. AMI helps us do the job right. We won't be changing."

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